Last Minute Trip to Orlando

Orlando (1)

When Vu made the decision to leave Microsoft, the recruiter for his new job suggested that he take some time off before starting because it would be the only true vacation he would ever take.  So that is what he did.  And we decided to go to Orlando for a week.  Shortly after we were married we had this vacation planned and airplane tickets booked , but that trip didn’t end up working out and we have never managed to make it since, so we were very excited to finally go.  We spent 9 days there and pretty much themed parked it the whole week.  It was my first time going to Disneyworld.  Vu found a calendar online with optimal days for each park so we tried to optimize it for crowds, but it was still a pretty busy week to go.  Especially Magic Kingdom and Harry Potter World, the crowds were crazy.  I really don’t like crowds and lines.  Despite that we had a really good time, and it was nice and relaxing for Vu.  Vu’s aunt very kindly let us stay with her.  It was only the second time Vu has ever seen her and we had a great time chatting with her and getting to know her better.

Orlando (2)

At Magic Kingdom Vu was asked to be a guard at “Enchanted Tales with Belle”, which was really meant for kids, but we both love Beauty and the Beast.  This was a really long day, we were there from open to close, there is just so much to do at Magic Kingdom.

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The End of an Era

Today is the first day that I have known Vu of which he has not been a Microsoft employee. If you knew 2006 Vu, this day might have been synonymous with the end of the world a la “Day After Tomorrow.” A day down in the history books. A day you never dreamed was possible, could never happen. Because Vu, he drank the Kool-Aid. He passed out the Kool-Aid. He really loved that Kool-Aid. And Microsoft? They were really good to him in his pursuit of this Kool-Aid.

The End of an Era (1)

Working in SQL server was his dream job. He had a great boss, a great team, great reports and great friends. He worked hard. He worked long. He worked tirelessly. He gave his life, blood and soul to his job. Ok maybe not that last one. But he was extremely dedicated in his work.

The End of an Era (2)

This feels a bit weird, him not being a Microsoft employee. The whole time I have know him I have identified him as a Microsoft employee. We have never met a person that hasn’t heard of Microsoft. There is very limited explanations required when talking to people about what he does.  But all good things come to an end.  And it’s time for him to start moving towards those big dreams that were born when he was getting his MBA.  So thank you Microsoft for giving him 10 good years. Thank you for giving him the opportunity to learn and grow and push his limits. Thank you for giving him skills  to fulfill those dreams. Thank you for all of the opportunities that have lead up to this point. And who knows, maybe we will see you again someday.

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