Top 19 Places to Visit

My sister recently came up with a list of her top 19 places that she wants to go in 2019 and on, a sort of current life bucket list, and it got me thinking about what my list would be, so I wanted to come up with mine too.  It is kind of hard for me to think of lists like this because I just want to go to each of these places right now… some of them are countries I have never been to, but others are specific regions in countries that I have been to that I want to see.

1. Bora Bora – This is one of the ones that has been on my bucket list for the longest.  I really wanted to go for our honeymoon but we decided on somewhere closer and cheaper instead.  Vu has actually expressed a desire to go there as well, so hopefully we can go for an anniversary at some point.

2. St. Lucia – This was my second choice of honeymoon destinations that didn’t make the cut.  One of my friends went there for her honeymoon and I have wanted to go ever since seeing her beautiful pictures.  I really want to stay in one of those open air hotel rooms with a nice view of the jagged mountains against the ocean.

3. Tikal ruins in Guatemala – When I was in high school I read a book that had a picture of these ruins on the cover and I have really wanted to see them ever since.  I love how steep they are and how they just rise up so quickly.  Then when I saw the Devine’s go there, and their shots of it with the fog and from the drone are so amazing it intensified my desire even more.

4. German Christmas Markets – I am pretty sure I have mentioned, at least once, how much I love how the Germans do Christmas, so this one is pretty much a given.  It is one of those ones that my mom’s has been dying to do for a long time too.

5. Egypt, Jordan and Israel – The pyramids, Petra, the Christianity sites, so many epic things I want to visit here. Continue reading