Storybook Baby Shower

Storybook Baby Shower (5)

This past weekend I threw another shower, this time a baby shower, with Jeanette (again 🙂 ) and our friend Wendy.  It was for our friend Megan, who Jeanette and I knew from our days in the singles ward, and she and her husband just moved into our ward a few months ago.  Jeanette, Wendy and I decided to do a children’s book theme because we all love books.  We wanted lots and lots of books to use to decorate with… but I have very few children’s books… it was a good thing Jeanette and Wendy had so many! 🙂   Megan’s nursery colors are blue, green and yellow, so we used those colors where possible, but it was all pretty colorful with the different books.  I loved all of the different colors with the white.  We threw in a bunch of toys and sort of book themed items in with the books, along with some colorful flowers.

Storybook Baby Shower (7)

Wendy made these adorable story book themed painted onesies.  I was amazed how detailed they were.  I especially loved the cow jumping over the moon.  And the apple with the worm.  And the Once Upon a Time.  Ok they were all really cute.

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Video: Our Trip to Orlando

For Christmas Vu bought me a new camera and one of the features it has is video.  I was so excited about this because I have been interested in taking video’s of our vacations and things for a few years now.  I was able to try it out on our trip to Orlando and then I spent the last 2 weeks figuring out how to get the footage that I had taken into a video I could share.  I have really enjoyed learning about this.  However, I am very, very aware that I have A LOT to learn.  Despite the very obvious flaws I can see in this video I still really love it, it is so fun to be able to relive our vacation a little bit.  And I can’t wait to continue to improve my skills.  Especially for my trip to Europe in May. 🙂

You can tell I really love fireworks too! 🙂 For the ones at Epcot (with the lake), the spot we were watching them from had a firework go off right in front of us.  It really surprised me the first time.  You can see it a couple of times in the video.

Also, I didn’t learn how to choose the quality of image recorded until after I got back… so yeah… that could be better.  Next time!