Video: Our Trip to Orlando

For Christmas Vu bought me a new camera and one of the features it has is video.  I was so excited about this because I have been interested in taking video’s of our vacations and things for a few years now.  I was able to try it out on our trip to Orlando and then I spent the last 2 weeks figuring out how to get the footage that I had taken into a video I could share.  I have really enjoyed learning about this.  However, I am very, very aware that I have A LOT to learn.  Despite the very obvious flaws I can see in this video I still really love it, it is so fun to be able to relive our vacation a little bit.  And I can’t wait to continue to improve my skills.  Especially for my trip to Europe in May. 🙂

You can tell I really love fireworks too! 🙂 For the ones at Epcot (with the lake), the spot we were watching them from had a firework go off right in front of us.  It really surprised me the first time.  You can see it a couple of times in the video.

Also, I didn’t learn how to choose the quality of image recorded until after I got back… so yeah… that could be better.  Next time!

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