Keeping the “Spark” Alive After 8 Years

Today we celebrate 8 years of us!  I say this every year, along with every other couple out there, but how has it even been 8 years?!?!?!  Also like everyone else, the second half of our 8th year has been very different…. (hello 2020!!!) and not at all what we had hoped or imagined or planned.  Despite that, I like to try to find the light in things.  So here are 8 ways Vu has brought light into my life this past year:

1. After 7 years of me asking, this year he has worked so hard and gotten so much better at letting go of things that go wrong.  This was a hard one for him, as he is a bit OCD… but it has been such a big deal for me and I have appreciated it sooooo much.  This was a really huge one.  Especially as it included an incident where a Tacoma pothole ripped off half of the carbon fiber front splitter on his M4 (along with half of his soul) and I couldn’t believe he was able to shrug it off right away.

2. Braved temps he says his Vietnamese people were not made for so that I could have a fun white Christmas in Idaho with my family.  The day we went to Yellowstone, he kept his gloves on with his hands in the pockets of his Han Solo Hoth coat, coat all the way zipped up over his mouth and hood on over his Star Wars beanie the entire day, even in the heated snow coach.  He said maybe 5 words all day, but he did it and never once complained.

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