8th Anniversary Juanita Bay Park Pictures

The day we planned to take our annual anniversary pictures, it rained and was cloudy in the morning and early afternoon, so it was nice and cool for our pictures.  Two years in a row our picture day had lower temps for August.  I loved it!  The one draw back is that the light wasn’t as pretty as it often is filtering in through these trees.    I found this sparkler 8 candle, so I decided to make a cake with flowers in our traditional cobalt blue to go with it for our number prop.  It was definitely the most challenging prop I have done so far: making the cake, transporting it to the park and then putting it on the cake stand before the pictures and carrying it around for the rest of the pictures… It was fun! 😂. I don’t make cake very often, so I am not very good at frosting and the flowers didn’t turn out at all how I had hoped… but all things considered it could have been much worse.  I love the cobalt cake stand I found.  One more to add to my collection.  🙂  I found these matching blue floral tie and hair tie from Frank and Buck, which I love so much.  They got delivered just in time for our pictures. I was really happy that the Washington parks opened up (with social distancing) before our anniversary so we could still take them at this beautiful park that I love so much.  My sister Rachel took the pictures for us again, and she said that she forgot how much she also loves this park.  

Three, Four, Five, Six and Seven

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