Annual Juanita Bay Park Pics


Around the time we got married, I saw pictures of a couple who took pictures every year around their anniversary at the same location.  I loved this idea and wanted to do it too.  We got our engagement pictures taken at Juanita Bay Park and I loved this park so much.  It is next to the water with lots of trees and boardwalks over the water, all some of my favorite things.  I decided this is where I wanted to take our annual pictures, especially since we already had our first ones.


My dad was visiting a few weeks before our first anniversary and took the pictures for us.  The second year we planned to go and take them about 5 separate times, but it was a bad time with Vu being really busy with school and work and having some really difficult problems with sleep, so we kept canceling each scheduled time and never did made it out to take them.  However, I have come to the conclusion that whenever I make these kinds of goals and I miss one of the selected times, I don’t want to give up on the goal afterwards.  I just accept that I missed one and move on to the next.


My dad was in town for work this past week and he kindly took some to commemorate our third year of marriage.

And here are a few of the ones from our first anniversary and engagement as well.IMG_6905 IMG_6922IMG_6943 Vu & Becky 310 Vu & Becky 693 - Copy Vu & Becky 602


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