Glacier National Park

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In July my Mom, Dad and little Sister, Chani, all flew into Seattle and then with Rachel we all drove out to Montana.  We spent a few days camping in Glacier National park and then a few days at a family reunion.  I have wanted to see Glacier for a few years and it was beautiful.  Lots of mountain vistas and waterfalls, both of which I am a huge fan of.  We were planning on going to Banff in Canada, but that didn’t end up working out and I was very happy with Glacier as the alternative.  We still want to make it back up to Banff sometime though.  We went when I was a teenager and the glacial melt, white/blue water lakes are amazing.  I ended up having surgery to remove my gallbladder a week and a half before we left and so I was still recovering a bit and I didn’t feel up to doing as much hiking as I would have wanted to do in Banff so I thought it worked out pretty well.

Our first day in Glacier we hiked Avalanche Creek and towards the beginning there is a really cool waterfall, just the first of many I would love.  It is on the side of the trail in a ravine. It’s really more a series of small waterfalls as the river runs through the ravine.

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The trail took us up to a lake surrounded by a few different waterfalls.  Which to be honest was a little bit disappointing.  It wasn’t quite as spectacular as some of the other lakes and waterfalls. Continue reading