Pie Bridal Shower

Pie Bridal Shower (1)

So far 2016 has been the year of showers: bridal, baby and spring!  🙂

This past weekend my friend Carrie and I helped with a shower for our friend Jen.  Jen’s friend Trish was in charge, but she was sadly not able to make it to the shower from New York due to school conflicts, so she did what she could from afar, and we all collaborated on ideas together through text and a shared Pinterest board.  I love Pinterest!  Jen’s main wedding color is Kelly green, so we started with that and then added some touches of pink because we thought they were really pretty together.  Jen does not love pink… so we tried to keep it minimal… 🙂

Also Jen’s wedding theme is sort of outdoorsy-farmy-backyard picnic so we tried to stay close to that.  I made a quilt-like board for the mantle by cutting 2 inch squares of paper and taping them to a piece of square bead board that I had.

Pie Bridal Shower (2)

And since every backyard/outdoor reception has strung lights we had to have some hanging over the living room.  Since we had the shower in the evening, these were really pretty as it got darker.  I still haven’t taken them down…

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