Pie Bridal Shower

Pie Bridal Shower (1)

So far 2016 has been the year of showers: bridal, baby and spring!  🙂

This past weekend my friend Carrie and I helped with a shower for our friend Jen.  Jen’s friend Trish was in charge, but she was sadly not able to make it to the shower from New York due to school conflicts, so she did what she could from afar, and we all collaborated on ideas together through text and a shared Pinterest board.  I love Pinterest!  Jen’s main wedding color is Kelly green, so we started with that and then added some touches of pink because we thought they were really pretty together.  Jen does not love pink… so we tried to keep it minimal… 🙂

Also Jen’s wedding theme is sort of outdoorsy-farmy-backyard picnic so we tried to stay close to that.  I made a quilt-like board for the mantle by cutting 2 inch squares of paper and taping them to a piece of square bead board that I had.

Pie Bridal Shower (2)

And since every backyard/outdoor reception has strung lights we had to have some hanging over the living room.  Since we had the shower in the evening, these were really pretty as it got darker.  I still haven’t taken them down…

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Storybook Baby Shower

Storybook Baby Shower (5)

This past weekend I threw another shower, this time a baby shower, with Jeanette (again 🙂 ) and our friend Wendy.  It was for our friend Megan, who Jeanette and I knew from our days in the singles ward, and she and her husband just moved into our ward a few months ago.  Jeanette, Wendy and I decided to do a children’s book theme because we all love books.  We wanted lots and lots of books to use to decorate with… but I have very few children’s books… it was a good thing Jeanette and Wendy had so many! 🙂   Megan’s nursery colors are blue, green and yellow, so we used those colors where possible, but it was all pretty colorful with the different books.  I loved all of the different colors with the white.  We threw in a bunch of toys and sort of book themed items in with the books, along with some colorful flowers.

Storybook Baby Shower (7)

Wendy made these adorable story book themed painted onesies.  I was amazed how detailed they were.  I especially loved the cow jumping over the moon.  And the apple with the worm.  And the Once Upon a Time.  Ok they were all really cute.

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Mount Everest Bridal Shower

Mount Everest Bridal Shower (1)

Last weekend a couple of friends, Monica and Jeanette,  and I threw a bridal shower for our friend Amanda.  She met her fiancé when hiking Mount Everest Base Camp…

…which is about as cool as the “how we met story” can get!  🙂

So we had a Mount Everest Themed bridal shower for her.  I painted a foam board to look like the sign to point you in right direction… which is as close as I will ever get to it.

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12 Month’s of Holiday Décor: Recap

I have enjoyed this last year of monthly holiday decor so much. I love thinking up and searching for inspiration, making plans and then seeing those plans come to fruition.  Decorations adds so much to the feel of each holiday, and I do love holidays so much.  So after completing my goal to change it each month, I thought I would share a little recap of all them together. It is so fun to see them all in one place. Thanks for following along.  And although I have really enjoyed it, I am also very much looking forward to focusing on some other projects now.  🙂  Plus I still have a few projects I didn’t get around to each month (especially the pillows, I only got to 1/3 of them).


1 January Decor


2 February Decor


3 March Decor


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12 Month’s of Holiday Décor: December

December Decor (1)

Yay, it’s December!  Christmas is my favorite holiday and I have been so excited for the Christmas decorations!  I actually made most of them last year, I was really busy and productive last November. But I love the changes that I made this year even more.  Also, be warned, there are lots of pictures.

December Decor (2)

I love boxwood and wanted to use it around the mantle, but I haven’t ever seen any boxwood garlands.  So I bought a wreath from Trader Joe’s and then took it apart.  My friend Wendy also let me get some free holly clippings from her dad’s property, which was so nice.  I love the holly and boxwood together.  (When I told Vu we were going to get the holly he said “What is that?” seriously? How do you not know what holly is?)

December Decor (3)

This Olive wood nativity is from Jerusalem.  It was my first nativity.  It was a gift Vu gave me long before we were married.  He went to a lot of work to get it for me.  The wood comes from 1 of 4 olive groves that could be the garden of Gethsemane.  Of the 4 groves there are 2 that have a much higher likelihood of being the actual grove.  And then of those 2 one is a little more likely than the other.  This wood comes from that 1, the one believed to be the most likely to be the garden of Gethsemane.  As I understand it, it takes years and lots and lots of work to get wood from this grove.  Vu knew someone who managed to get one, and was making it into a piano.  Vu asked him if could buy the cut off pieces.  And then found a carver in Jerusalem that could then turn them into this nativity.  And each step required some intense kind of documentation to make sure it is still the same wood from that original olive tree from that one grove.   To me, it is kind of like the ultimate nativity.  It is very special to me, not just for it’s individual value, but also because of the effort and thought Vu put into it, and the representation of how much he loves me.  And because Christmas is my favorite.  After this, I decided to start collecting nativities from around the world, to represent my love of travel and my love of Christmas.

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12 Month’s of Holiday Décor: November

November Decor (1)

I can’t believe it is already November.  October went by so fast.  I had most of the November decorations done last year, and a lot of them I have had for years.  I didn’t end up putting them out very early though, because I was in Boston visiting my sister until the end of October, and I wanted to enjoy the October decorations for a little while longer since I was gone for so much of the month.  And then I got sick when I was planning on changing them.

November Decor (3)November Decor (4)

I only had 3 things that I actually made this month, the Thankful sign, the Thanksgiving banner and the ornament pumpkin.  I also bought a few things, like the wreath (from Home Goods) and the table runner (from a party store).  It was a good thing I didn’t have too much to do since I was gone for half of October.  I never would have gotten it done.

November Decor (5)

The Thankful sign was actually a project that I started a year and a half ago and it was supposed to be for the master bedroom.  I cut, nailed together and white washed the sign, and was all ready to paint the quote on.  But the problem was I couldn’t decide what quote to use.  (I wanted something from Pride and Prejudice and Vu wanted Star Wars)  So it sat in our garage for a year and a half, waiting for me to decide.  Then this year as I have been planning out the decorations for each month I knew that for the Thanksgiving decorations I wanted to use this quote.  I love it so much, and I think there is so much truth in this statement.  Plus it has been especially poignant for me this past year.  I have been thinking a lot about how there seems to always be something in life that is difficult.  I think there is only one time in my life where I felt like every single aspect of my life was exactly how I wanted it to be (what a great year that was!).  So this past year I have been thinking about life’s difficulties a lot and how most likely there will always be something that can be a source of unhappiness.  But that doesn’t mean I have to always be unhappy.  Happiness is something that comes from focusing on the things in life that I do have, that I do love, and being grateful for those.  Because I am a firm believer that there is always something beautiful if life, if you just learn to always look for it.  I just want to remember that more often.  I have also been reading this talk a lot this year, which I love and has been a great reminder as well.

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Witches Girls Night Party

I have been wanting to host a girls night witch party for years, and I finally got around to doing it last Saturday. In my opinion it was the perfect day for it, super rainy and windy and stormy all day! I loved it! I had a lot of plans that I didn’t get around to because for some reason after I got back from Hawaii and finished all the Halloween decorations, I just didn’t feel like doing any party prep. Fortunately though, I was planning on keeping up the Halloween decorations for the party, so there were a lot less party decorations I had planned. It was a really fun night!

Witch Girls Night (6)
Witch Girls Night (5)

I found these tiny felt witch hats at Hobby Lobby and placed them around the house.

Witch Girls Night (8)

And I got some orange and black balloons as well.

Witch Girls Night (15)

The table was what I worked on the most, and I was really happy with the results. I pulled out the white branches and put them in a vase with some mini pumpkins and then had a couple crows and an owl perched in the branches.  Then I added some pumpkins, some black netting, a black lantern and the candelabra and table runner from the October décor.

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