Spring Inside, If Not Outside

This April has been much more rainy and overcast compared to the last few years, but it is supposed to start getting a little more sunny next week which I am really looking forward too.  This month’s decorations are helping make it feel like spring inside, even if it is slow in coming outside.  I love all the teal/mints and coral/pinks.  I made the rustic white frame that is on the mantel at my church’s Super Saturday craft day last Saturday, and reprinted the pink floral print I designed to fit it.  I was also excited to put out the new metal flowers my friend Joella gave me, because you know I just love metal decor elements.  I covered some jars with washi tape, lace and twine for the flowers, and printed a few pictures of the UW cherry blossoms to hang in the magnetic pictures frames I made last month.  And then another one of my favorites this month are the little Matryoshka dolls on the coffee table.  I have about 80 of them, and my twin sister has one to match each one, a tradition that was started with my grandma and her twin sister, who had almost 400 each when they died.  We have a few that all 4 of us have/had.  They are a fun little personal touch, and these are a couple of my favorite ones.  That little one has 10 stacked inside, they go so tiny.

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