Framed Map and Travel Keychain & Pin Board


When I was in high school and college I started collecting keychains as travel souvenir’s, because you know… that was something I could afford.  But after I graduated, I kind of stopped because I had a box of keychains that I never did anything with.  Then on our honeymoon in San Diego I started to look at them again and would pick up one here or there that I loved.  In addition to that, after we got married Vu and I have gone to Disneyland or Disneyworld every year and I love the pins and so started to get a few of those ones I loved as well.  Then a few years ago Vu bought me this dry erase map of the world and I knew that at some point I wanted to make a frame for it to hang on the wall.  Not too much later I found my old stash of keychains when I was organizing and decided I should do something with them as well.  I thought that the wall in my studio between the closet and the door would work perfect for them.  Well a month ago I finally got around to doing just that.   And then finally got around to hanging them up on the wall this week.  I love seeing the little reminders of the wonderful vacations I have been able to go on over the years, and having the map up where I can dream and plan the future vacations I want to take as well.

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