5 Years!

Dear 5 years of marriage,

You came much quicker than I expected.  I seriously can’t believe you are here already.  You feel like a big deal.  Because you are half way to 10, which is a big deal.  In many ways you were what I expected.  You have brought many moments of Vu laughing at how funny I am.  And sure I guess many moments of me laughing at how funny Vu is too.  You have come with many Star Wars viewings and quotes.  And you have seen many moments of trying to disguise vegetables as delicious food for one tough critic.  But then you have also come with some unexpected things too.  First of all you haven’t managed to get Vu to not pull up the sheets every night.  I was really hoping for that one.  I also didn’t realize you would come with annual trips to Disneyland/world.  That one has been really fun.  And you didn’t bring as many new sports cars as had been anticipated, although this last car was a pretty big deal for someone in this household. You have seen us through many ups and downs of life.  I am glad you were around for both of them. You have made it easier to get through those downs, and increased the joy in those ups.   Also, there has been a lot more bacon in my life since you have been around.  Thank you for all the good and beautiful things you have brought me, and also for the lessons I have learned and the ways I have grown.  You are the bestest!



P.S. Happy Anniversary Vu!  Love your guts!

4 years

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