Family Camping Trip in Canada: Calgary & Banff

The first weekend in August was my dad’s extended family reunion in Montana, and afterwards a few of my family members decided to go camping in Banff in Canada.  I didn’t make it to the reunion, but I did go to Canada.  My parents and sisters have wanted to go since the last reunion 3 years ago when we went to Glacier (which I loved and was so happy we did that), so it was great to be able to make it there this time.  Banff is amazing!  It is so beautiful!  There are rugged mountains, amazing turquoise lakes and rivers and really cool water falls.  There have been a large number of forest fires around the area (and much of the western half of North America) the last month so the first couple of days were a bit smoky.  But it was still so beautiful and it actually made for some really pretty sunsets.  But I am glad that it cleared up too so we could really see the amazing colors there.

Rachel and I flew into Calgary a day before and drove up to the Edmonton LDS Temple and then walked around downtown Calgary that evening.  We drove out to Banff the next day and the rest of the family filtered in from the reunion.  It is the 150th Anniversary of Canada so the park passes were all free.   My favorites in Banff were Morraine Lake, especially climbing the rock pile (despite accidentally wearing flip flops because I thought it was just a view point and the parking was so insane that the car was way to far away to go back and change) and getting the most amazing view of the water up above.  And then hiking Johnston Canyon, with all the waterfalls, and especially being able to go behind one of them, which was my first time ever going behind a waterfall.  Which I totally loved.  On Wednesday, mom, dad, Rachel and I split off from the group and headed up to Jasper for the rest of the week.

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