Glacier National Park

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In July my Mom, Dad and little Sister, Chani, all flew into Seattle and then with Rachel we all drove out to Montana.  We spent a few days camping in Glacier National park and then a few days at a family reunion.  I have wanted to see Glacier for a few years and it was beautiful.  Lots of mountain vistas and waterfalls, both of which I am a huge fan of.  We were planning on going to Banff in Canada, but that didn’t end up working out and I was very happy with Glacier as the alternative.  We still want to make it back up to Banff sometime though.  We went when I was a teenager and the glacial melt, white/blue water lakes are amazing.  I ended up having surgery to remove my gallbladder a week and a half before we left and so I was still recovering a bit and I didn’t feel up to doing as much hiking as I would have wanted to do in Banff so I thought it worked out pretty well.

Our first day in Glacier we hiked Avalanche Creek and towards the beginning there is a really cool waterfall, just the first of many I would love.  It is on the side of the trail in a ravine. It’s really more a series of small waterfalls as the river runs through the ravine.

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The trail took us up to a lake surrounded by a few different waterfalls.  Which to be honest was a little bit disappointing.  It wasn’t quite as spectacular as some of the other lakes and waterfalls.


There was a great view point of the river down below the falls, just off of the road.  We went back to our campsite and had tin foil dinners for dinner, which were perfect.  Thanks Dad!


The second day we drove to the north end of the park to Lake Kintla.  It was a nice drive.

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We started the hike around the lake, and we meant to only go about a third of the way around the lake where we were told we would get a great view of the mountains.  However the view we were looking for was quite a bit further than we were lead to believe and we went much farther than planned.  I was ready to be done at the viewpoint, but we had to hike the entire distance back.  It was not fun.  Plus there were tons of mosquito’s.  Then it started raining.  The whole thing was unpleasant.  I was so happy to get back to the car.

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It rained quite a bit in the afternoon.  We had been checking the weather reports for Canada in preparation and it was all sunny, but we forgot to check once our plans had switched and so we missed the forecast for rain.  While we were out all day we left the windows in the tents open to keep it cooler.  By the time we got back to our campsite our stuff was pretty wet.  So we spent then next couple of hours at the campsite Laundromat drying our sleeping bags, pads, towels and cloths.  It was a pretty long day.  We decided to skip the tinfoil dinners for that night because it was still raining and we were really tired so we stopped for hamburgers and huckleberry shakes.  The hamburgers were cooked on a portable grill outside of the restaurant through a drive through window.  It was really classy place.  But the huckleberry shakes were so good.  There were also huckleberries growing all around our campsite and dad picked a bunch for us to have with our breakfast.  I don’t remember ever having huckleberries before and I sure do love them.

The third day was a much lighter, easier day.  A few of us drove up through the “Going to the Sun” road through Logan pass to go to the Cardston, Canada temple.  Rachel and I have a goal to do an Endowment session in every temple.  This was my 24th one.  I made this goal when I was 13, when President Hinckley had just been called as the prophet.  It was a little bit more realistic back then when there weren’t so many.  But I am going to keep trying anyway.


The “Going to the Sun” road is amazing.  It was such a beautiful, peaceful drive. Well peaceful for me.  My mom definitely has a too close to the edge fear of heights, and parts of that road made her a bit nervous.

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The fourth day we packed up our campsite and then drove around the park quite a bit.  We went to East Glacier first and did a few little walks/hikes.

I loved Running Eagle falls. Part of the lower falls comes out from behind the upper falls.


We stopped for lunch at Two Medicine Lake before going out to a view point that didn’t have much of a view, but there was a really pretty wildflower meadow that we passed through on the way.


From East Glacier we went to Many Glacier, and just drove around the different viewpoints around the park before heading back to the west side of Montana for the family reunion.

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