Valentine Heart Blocks

 Valentine Heart Blocks (6)

I have finished my first Valentine project and I am very excited about it.  I loved the snowflakes blocks that I repainted for the January décor so much that when I was thinking of ideas for Valentine’s I really wanted to make some more.  This time I made the blocks too.  I wanted to make 4 of them with different colored hearts on them instead of the snowflake and then I added some Valentine words to them as well.  The snowflake ones have a small space between the pieces of wood on the face of the block, but for these I wanted them right next to each other.  I like that I can keep all four of the blocks together, or I can split them up and place them wherever I might need them. Continue reading

12 Month’s of Holiday Décor: January


I’ve mentioned before that I love changing out decorations for holidays.  Well when we moved into the house a year ago (can’t believe it has been a year) I was thinking about what to do on the mantle for January and decided that I wanted to have something different for each month of the year.  I didn’t get a very good start and didn’t really get anything specific up for January or February (I was still trying to get everything unpacked and organized), but I started in March.  I had some things for the month’s with the bigger holidays, but not much for every other month.  I ended up getting 7 out of 12 (but let’s be honest March was not up to standard…I also don’t love the current set up for November) and many of my completed 53 projects in 2014 were Holiday and home décor.

So this year I really wanted to get every month. I already have a pretty good start, so hopefully it will be manageable.  I noticed last year that what I did have before for our apartment didn’t go far in the new house, which is partially why I only got 7.  I found that I have this problem.  I see something in the store and like it except for maybe it isn’t the color I want, or it’s a good idea but cheap materials, or I want it a little bit bigger, or smaller, or I wish it didn’t have that one thing on it, or…  So I think, “I can make that” and then it will be exactly how I want it.  Which I usually can do.  But that takes time.  And let’s not even get into all of the good ideas found on Pinterest.  And for some reason Vu thinks that he likes it when I make dinner, clean the house and do laundry.  And here we are at 7 for 12.  On to 2015.  The main goal is the mantle and something on the dining room table, with anything extra I can get around to on the coffee and end tables, cabinets on either side of the mantle and the piano. We will see how it goes.  I have many plans in place.  (But not for June.  I am currently stumped for June…the only thoughts I have so far are green and yellow…we shall see.)

So after the busy-ness of Christmas died down (and I got my energy back after having the flu/pneumonia, which I didn’t give to any of our house guests we had the whole time I was sick thank you very much), I started to think about January.  I was discussing it with my sister Rachel, and decided I wanted to do a Winter theme.  I already had some items from a blue and silver mantle I made a few years ago, and I think blue and silver are nice winter colors so I decided to start with that and then just add in some snowflakes to make it more “winter”. IMG_1069 IMG_1071

I had some pine cones I didn’t end up using for Christmas, so I spray painted them mostly white.  I took a walk along the path through the greenbelt down the street from our house and picked up some branches off of the ground and also spray painted them white.  They even had some cute tiny pine cones hanging off their branches.  Then I made some beaded snowflake ornaments (thanks Pinterest) to hang from the branches.

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