Family Camping Trip in Canada: Jasper + video

On Wednesday morning after we left Banff we slowly drove to our campsite in Jasper, stopping along the way to do a hike and some shorter viewpoints.  We spent the last 2 days in Jasper.  We drove around to see different lakes, mountains and waterfalls.  And we put our feet in the water any chance we got, after hiking up to a lake, at the stream by a picnic area or the river by our campsite.  It felt so good.  The water was so cold, especially at the stream where we stopped for lunch one day.  It was so cold that our feet started to go numb after 15 seconds in the water.  We took the tram in Jasper at sunset, and stopped at the Athabasca glacier and walked out to the glass bottomed skywalk on the way back down.  The waterfalls beneath it look like they are coming out of the mountain because of a rock slide a very long time ago that they run through.   Mom stayed at the visitor center for the skywalk, which was definitely for the best.  It made me a little bit uneasy when first walking out on it, so her screams would probably have been reverberating throughout the whole canyon…

But my very favorite of the whole trip were the Athabasca falls.  They were amazing!  Huge falls, really cool rocks and water flowing all around the rocks.  There were multiple overlooks and bridges and they were so loud and there so much mist there were a bunch of rainbows.  I loved it!  It was also the most heavenly thing to be back in a hotel room on Friday night.  Mom and Dad flew out the next morning, and then Rachel and I went to the Calgary temple in the afternoon before we flew out that night.  The whole trip was so beautiful, I love being able to experience so many amazing things in nature, even if at the end I was so congested from all of the dust.

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