Keeping the “Spark” Alive After 8 Years

Today we celebrate 8 years of us!  I say this every year, along with every other couple out there, but how has it even been 8 years?!?!?!  Also like everyone else, the second half of our 8th year has been very different…. (hello 2020!!!) and not at all what we had hoped or imagined or planned.  Despite that, I like to try to find the light in things.  So here are 8 ways Vu has brought light into my life this past year:

1. After 7 years of me asking, this year he has worked so hard and gotten so much better at letting go of things that go wrong.  This was a hard one for him, as he is a bit OCD… but it has been such a big deal for me and I have appreciated it sooooo much.  This was a really huge one.  Especially as it included an incident where a Tacoma pothole ripped off half of the carbon fiber front splitter on his M4 (along with half of his soul) and I couldn’t believe he was able to shrug it off right away.

2. Braved temps he says his Vietnamese people were not made for so that I could have a fun white Christmas in Idaho with my family.  The day we went to Yellowstone, he kept his gloves on with his hands in the pockets of his Han Solo Hoth coat, coat all the way zipped up over his mouth and hood on over his Star Wars beanie the entire day, even in the heated snow coach.  He said maybe 5 words all day, but he did it and never once complained.

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7 Years of…

Way back in the beginning of August Vu and I celebrated our 7th anniversary.  It is crazy how fast that has gone by.  I can’t believe it has been 7 years.  That is 7 years of laundry. Laundry that, more often than not at this point, sits in the basket when it is clean and rarely makes it to be folded or hung.  It is 7 years of holiday selfies that Vu still dislikes, and probably always will, yet he does it anyway.  Which also means 7 years of coaxing out a real smile for pictures from him.  It is 7 years of staying up way later than we should because we still aren’t good at actually going to bed.  It is 7 years of cooking dinners, picking up prescriptions and trips to Target.  7 years of birthdays and Christmas’s, of vacations and staycations, of special meals and everyday meals, of nights with friends and late nights working.  It is 7 years of memories made!

Happy (late) Anniversary Vuroomie!  Happy 7 years to us!

6 Years Later and Still…

Yesterday was our 6th wedding anniversary.  In that time many things have changed.  But some things have stayed the same.  It has been 6 years and still…

…sometimes we laugh together until we can barely breath…

…Vu anticipates his favorite meals all day long…

…Vu runs out in the rain and then drives back to pick me up…

…speed limits are treated as suggestions not rules…

…Vu crowds me out of most of the bed in his sleep until I am just about to fall off (no matter how big the bed is)…

…Vu randomly texts me throughout the day to tell me he loves me…

…Amazon packages arrive almost daily…

…Vu is willing to share his fries with me…

…everyone tells me how funny they think Vu is…

…Vu tells me how funny he thinks Vu is…

…Vu calls me when he leaves the office to tell me he is on his way home…

…9:00 am is a regular wake up time and not sleeping in…

…Vu wants meat with every meal but cannot touch it when raw…

…Vu smashes his cheek into my face when he wants me to kiss it…

It has been 6 years and still…

… it is the best decision we ever made!

5 Years!

Dear 5 years of marriage,

You came much quicker than I expected.  I seriously can’t believe you are here already.  You feel like a big deal.  Because you are half way to 10, which is a big deal.  In many ways you were what I expected.  You have brought many moments of Vu laughing at how funny I am.  And sure I guess many moments of me laughing at how funny Vu is too.  You have come with many Star Wars viewings and quotes.  And you have seen many moments of trying to disguise vegetables as delicious food for one tough critic.  But then you have also come with some unexpected things too.  First of all you haven’t managed to get Vu to not pull up the sheets every night.  I was really hoping for that one.  I also didn’t realize you would come with annual trips to Disneyland/world.  That one has been really fun.  And you didn’t bring as many new sports cars as had been anticipated, although this last car was a pretty big deal for someone in this household. You have seen us through many ups and downs of life.  I am glad you were around for both of them. You have made it easier to get through those downs, and increased the joy in those ups.   Also, there has been a lot more bacon in my life since you have been around.  Thank you for all the good and beautiful things you have brought me, and also for the lessons I have learned and the ways I have grown.  You are the bestest!



P.S. Happy Anniversary Vu!  Love your guts!

4 years

3 years

On This Day 4 Years Ago…

2012-08-03 13.36.09-1

We started our forever.

We promised to make each other our first priority.

We committed to support each other in our weaknesses.

We would learn what that actually meant.

We chose to focus on the good instead of the bad.

We promised God would always be at the center of our relationship.

We would learn how vitally important that would be for our forever.

We promised to help each others dreams come true.

We started the process of choosing the happiness of the other over our own.

We would learn that happiness happens together.

We committed to love each other unconditionally.

We would learn that love is a daily choice.

We promised to help each other through the hard times, to hold together and not push apart.

On this day four years ago.

We started our forever.  Together.

Happy Anniversary Vuroom!  Love your guts!  Always!

 Our 3rd anniversary

3 Years and Counting

2012-08-03 17.55.57-2

Today is our Anniversary.  Me and Vu.

We have been married for 3 years.

In that time.

We have been to California 3 times.

We have watched 3 chick flics.

We have had dinner at the melting pot 3 times.

Vu has had 3 wedding rings.

We have lived in 3 different zip codes.

We have been to the Emergency room 3 times.

We have gone through 3 different phones.

We have been to 3 new temples together.

Vu got his 3rd degree.

I have learned how to make Vu’s 3 favorite breakfast foods (bacon, sausage and fried eggs) to his picky specifications.

And for 3 years we have been happy that we made the decision to get married to each other!

Keep ’em coming.