A White Christmas in Idaho

For Christmas this year my family all wanted to have a white Christmas in a cabin in the mountains, so we went to stay in a house in Island Park, Idaho.  It was so much fun, and so beautiful.  On the way to the house we stopped in Idaho Falls and went to the temple.  I love the falls right by the temple, they were so big and pretty.  At the house, it snowed in the middle of the week, on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, which was so perfect, because we got to enjoy the fresh snow, but the roads were clear when we got there and when we left.  We had lots of time to hang out and spend time together and play games and celebrate Christmas, but then almost every day we went out to enjoy the beautiful landscape around us.

Island Park is very close to West Yellowstone, so we went to the Grizzly and Wolf discovery center in town, went out and cut down our own Christmas tree, drove out to different spots around the house to see a moose and a whole bunch of swans, went snowshoeing up the mountain behind the house, and on our last day there we took a tour of Yellowstone park.  I think it was all of our favorite thing.  You can’t drive into the park in the winter, so you have to go with a tour in a snow coach.  We saw some animals and there was a lot of snow and it was so cool so see all of the geothermal features in winter.  I loved all of the different ways the snow/frost covered the trees and things.  Even the snowflake’s were so pretty.  I loved being able to see everything with almost no crowds.  It was perfect timing that I had just visited this past summer, so it was all fresh and I could see the same things in summer and winter.  I love that kind of thing.

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