Road Trip for my Brother’s Wedding

Wedding in Tricities and reception in Moses Lake, Washington

(the wedding photos at the temple are from their photographer)

In June my brother got married on Saturday the 22nd.  We were all very excited to welcome Callie to the family!  She is from Moses Lake Washington, so they got married in the Tricities temple and then that night had a reception at her house in Moses Lake.  My family drove out the day before to go to a bridal shower with her family and stayed at a hotel in Richland so we would be close to the temple for the wedding in the morning.  After the wedding we all got some lunch before heading back to Moses Lake for the reception.  The sun was setting as we were driving back to our hotel afterwards, and I thought it was so pretty with the sprinklers on the farms.  Vu drove back home after the reception, so on Sunday Rachel and I started our drive to Utah for the open house later in the week.  I went to A LOT of temples along the way on this trip, the most I have ever done in such a short time.

Stop in Boise – Visiting with friends, the Capitol building and the Meridian & Boise Temples

Our first stop along the way was in Boise, Idaho.  We first met up with 2 of our old college friends/roommates, Liz and Jen, who are also twins.  It was so good to see them, it has been a long time and it was so fun hanging out with them.  It brought back so many good college memories.  While we were in Boise we stayed with out old Bishop and his wife, The Pope’s and it was so good to see them.  They made us delicious home cooked breakfasts both of the mornings we were there and also dinner on Monday night, it was so nice.  Monday morning we went to the quilt shop that Jen, Liz, their other Sister, Sarita, and their mom own.  It was so cute and they had the best fabric, they are all amazing quilters and have great taste!  In the afternoon we drove into downtown Boise and toured the capitol building (we checked off quite a lot of capitols this year).  The center and dome were so cool, so much marble (or faux marble, not sure how much of each) and I loved the huge flag hanging down the center.

On Tuesday morning we got up super early so we could fit in 3 temples and lots of driving.  We first went to the Meridian temple, and then the Boise temple.  I loved the Meridian one, everything about it from the grounds to the architecture and the inside were so pretty.  The Boise temple is not my favorite exterior design, but it had beautiful stained glass window all through the inside that I loved.

Twin Falls Idaho – River valley view, temple and Shoshone Falls

After we left Boise we drove to Twin Falls.  We stopped at the bridge in the middle of the city that overlooks the river gorge.  I stopped here with my mom back in May, and the weather could not have been more different.  It was POURING and so windy in May that we stopped for a super quick picture and only saw one side, and this time is was SO hot.  We went to the Twin Falls temple, which was another really beautiful one.  I loved all of the flowers lined up along the side, and also the front fountain was a sort of little waterfall and rock wall.  Our last stop for the day was Shoshone falls.  Rachel and I visited these falls years ago when we were in college and spent one summer weekend with Jen and Liz at their home.  There was some kind of draught or something because there was so little water the falls were almost non existent.  Much more impressive this time.  We continued driving that night into Utah and stayed near Brigham City.

Brigham City Utah temple & Salt Lake City – temple and wedding open house

(open house pictures from a family friend who was the photographer for the open house)

On Wednesday, June 26th, we went to the Brigham City temple in the morning, then we continued driving down to Salt Lake and went to the Salt Lake temple.  I have been before, quite a few years ago, but soon they are closing it for 3 or 4 years to do some extensive renovations so I wanted to go again before it closed and Rachel had never been before.  I always love the grounds at temple square, and they were so pretty in the summer with all of the flowerbeds blooming.  I love the walkway on the west side of the temple that has the long hanging flower baskets.  That night we met up with one of our good friends, Joella, for dinner.  And I forgot to take a picture… and I also forgot in May when we met for dinner as well.  There was a sweet tooth fairy bakery right next to where we got dinner and I have been wanting to try their cupcakes for a long time.  It was so good!  The open house was on Thursday.  It was in a pretty barn on a farm in the Salt Lake area close to my brother’s house.  My brother loves smoking meats, and naturally we all love that he loves it too…   so he and some of his friends and my dad helped cook the meat for the reception and it was so good!  Especially the brisket!

Vernal, Utah

On Friday morning I left Salt Lake and drove out to Vernal to go to the temple there.  This was a really cool one, because it used to be a tabernacle that was build in 1907 and then they converted it into a temple and finished in 1997, exactly 100 years later.  I stopped in the city to get gas and was blown away by the flower planters throughout the entire city.  There were so many, I would guess there were over 1000 and all matching.  It was so beautiful.  I have never seen a city with so many and all coordinating.  From there I drove to Evanston, Wyoming.  I don’t remember ever driving through this part of the country before and it was so beautiful, I love the farmlands in the foothills and the mountains and trees.

Star Valley, Wyoming & Rexburg, Idaho temples

Evanston was the closest hotel I could find near Star Valley last minute, so on Saturday morning I drove there to go the temple.  Like I said, it was a big temple trip.  I think this is another one at the top of my list.  I love how it is situated with the mountains behind it, and then the stained glass windows are some of favorites with the flowers, and then there are the real flower beds.  All so pretty.  After the temple I continued driving up to Rexburg, Idaho where I stayed the night, and went to my last temple of the trip.  I came out of the temple just before the sunset and the light was so pretty.

Yellowstone National Park

On Sunday I drove the 2 hours to Yellowstone and spent the day there.  I headed first for Old Faithful and got there 10 minutes before it erupted and the next time after that was 1 1/2 hours later, so that was really lucky timing.  I took the road all the way north to Mammoth Hot Springs, making lots of stops along the way.  I have been to Yellowstone before when I was younger and the thing that I remembered the most were the geysers so I was so surprised to see so much beautiful mountain country throughout the whole park.  I think of it as being so dry and barren, and it really has so much beautiful green mountains.  I stayed in Rexburg again that night, then on Monday I was so ready to get home and drove straight all the way.

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