4th of July Celebrations

For the 4th of July this year we spent the day down at my parent’s house in Bonney Lake.  In the afternoon we drove to Mt Rainier and took the Crystal Mountain gondola to get a viewpoint of the mountain.  Unfortunately it was a bit cloudy so we couldn’t quite see all of the mountain, but it was still a beautiful day and all of the views around were so pretty.  We hiked around a little while and then headed back down.  At my parents house they made us dinner.  My dad smoked some pork with a delicious sauce (always so good) and my mom made a bunch of different salads and corn on the cob and some 4th of July themed cupcakes. Then in traditional Boyce fashion we played games until it got dark and we went out to see fireworks.  We drove just a few minutes away from my parents home to a spot overlooking the valley where we could see about 50 different “shows”, from the official city ones to all of the individual ones at people’s houses.  It was so cool to see them going off all over the place.  It was a fun day!

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