North Cascades National Park Camping Trip

If you couldn’t tell, my family are huge fans of the National Parks.  When my sister was moving to Boston she had a long list of things she hadn’t done in the Seattle area that she wanted to do, and one was to go to the North Cascades.  Well it was one of the things she didn’t end up getting to, so when she was planning on moving back that was one of the first things we talked about doing.  We went at the end of July, but didn’t book a campsite in time to get one in the park so we stayed just outside it in a KOA.  My parents came with us too.  Rachel and I drove up first on Friday afternoon and my parents got there that night.  Rachel and I started a fire to make tinfoil dinners.  I am not the biggest fan of camping in general, but I love what camping allows me to do, like seeing all of the beautiful parks and of course campfires and tinfoil dinner and s’mores.  I LOVE tinfoil dinners and roasted marshmallows!

On Saturday morning we drove through the park and stopped at a number of view points and the visitors center.  There was the most amazing viewpoint, and I think my favorite from the whole weekend, of Lake Diablo.  It is so beautiful, it has almost everything I love about nature in one spot.  In the afternoon we did a hike out to a lake.  I loved all of the fresh growth on the evergreens.  Not only are the light green ends so pretty, but they are the softest ever and I love the way they feel.  Everything we saw in the park was beautiful, but I have seen some pictures of some really amazing lakes and things in the backpacking sections of the this park, but unfortunately I am really not a backpacker.  That night we had round 2 of tinfoil dinners.  I can never get enough.

On Sunday morning we packed up camp then drove to Baker Lake and drove all around the lake stopping at any view we could get.  There was a great view of Mt Baker with the run off river below where we stopped to have lunch.  All weekend I had been hoping to see some fields of wildflowers, and although we saw lots of beautiful little patches, we didn’t see a whole field or meadow.  As we were leaving we saw what was the closest thing with all of these tall pink flowers.

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