3 Years and Counting

2012-08-03 17.55.57-2

Today is our Anniversary.  Me and Vu.

We have been married for 3 years.

In that time.

We have been to California 3 times.

We have watched 3 chick flics.

We have had dinner at the melting pot 3 times.

Vu has had 3 wedding rings.

We have lived in 3 different zip codes.

We have been to the Emergency room 3 times.

We have gone through 3 different phones.

We have been to 3 new temples together.

Vu got his 3rd degree.

I have learned how to make Vu’s 3 favorite breakfast foods (bacon, sausage and fried eggs) to his picky specifications.

And for 3 years we have been happy that we made the decision to get married to each other!

Keep ’em coming.

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