On This Day 4 Years Ago…

2012-08-03 13.36.09-1

We started our forever.

We promised to make each other our first priority.

We committed to support each other in our weaknesses.

We would learn what that actually meant.

We chose to focus on the good instead of the bad.

We promised God would always be at the center of our relationship.

We would learn how vitally important that would be for our forever.

We promised to help each others dreams come true.

We started the process of choosing the happiness of the other over our own.

We would learn that happiness happens together.

We committed to love each other unconditionally.

We would learn that love is a daily choice.

We promised to help each other through the hard times, to hold together and not push apart.

On this day four years ago.

We started our forever.  Together.

Happy Anniversary Vuroom!  Love your guts!  Always!

 Our 3rd anniversary

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