Jaunita Bay Park Pics – 4 years


One of the advantages of getting married in August is that it is almost always guaranteed to have sunny weather, so even though it is hotter than I would like it to be, at least it is always nice enough to take our annual pictures at Juanita Bay Park.  I was so excited when I found these number mugs right before our anniversary last year, I knew they would be perfect for our anniversary pictures.  The 4 was the only one in cobalt blue (one of our wedding colors) so I have been saving them all year.  My dad hasn’t been here for work at all the last few months 😦 so he wasn’t able to take them for us.  However, since one of the features my new camera has is Wifi, which allows me to take pictures from an app on my phone, and I bought a tripod before my trip to Europe, I tried taking them myself this year.  That was a bit challenging, but also nice because I could see what they looked like before and adjust things accordingly.  Maybe next year we will get around to actually paying someone to take them for us…

This really isn’t Vu’s favorite thing to do… but he did really well this year and didn’t complain at all while we were taking them.  As much as he hated doing it.  So thanks for that Vu!  You have a whole year before you have to do it again! 🙂

IMG_7055IMG_7071 IMG_7091IMG_7088

(Last years pictures here)

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