Vu is turning 25! (for the 8th year in a row…)

It is Vu’s birthday today.  He thinks he is turning 25.  He is actually turning 32.  Maybe as a birthday present today I will let him think he is 25.  Just for today.  Tomorrow it’s back to 32.  In celebaration of his 25th birthday, here is a list of 10 facts about Vu.

7 things most people who know him already know

1. He is OBSESSED with Star Wars.  Every time I see something Star Wars themed in the store I text him a picture and ask if he wants me to get it.    Sometimes he doesn’t respond before I am ready to check out so I don’t get it.  After which he says: The answer is always yes!  He frequently is given gifts of Star Wars items.  At the beginning of our relationship I was among these gift givers.  Until I realized that everything I gave him he already had 2 of.

Exhibit A: the man cave

Man Cave 4 Square collage

Exhibit b: His Star Wars MBA graduation party

Exhibit c: His collection of Star Wars character sweat shirts and mugs

Star Wars Sweatshirt and Mug

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