The Best of Summer

Some of the highlights from this summer:

  1. Taking the screen off of the window in my bedroom and spending lots of time enjoying the view.
  2. Attending my friend Hilary’s wedding.  And that beautiful cake.  And flowers.  As well as Vu’s cousin’s wedding at their lake house.
  3. All of the rain, which to me didn’t feel more than normal and not often enough, but apparently according to everyone else it was a lot.
  4. Celebrating Vu’s “26th” birthday. Again.  And I finally figured out a dessert I could stick candles in that he would actually eat afterwards.
  5. Beautiful sunsets and rainbows.
  6. My sister Rachel teaching me how to fly my drone while she lived with us, and having so much fun seeing the drone point of view.
  7. Celebrating the first birthday of our friends son with lots of cute “Baby Shark” details.
  8. Vu picking out the perfect floral arrangement for me for our anniversary.
  9. Introducing Din Thai Fung to some friends for my birthday, with the rave review of “I ate it”…. 😂
  10. Benefiting from Vu learning how to perfect the Sous Vide steak.
  11. Going to see the Lion King with Vu, in the theatre, for the first time in a LONG time.
  12. Indulging my love of grilled cheese at the Grilled Cheese festival in Seattle with Rachel.  SO GOOD! And then stopping at a viewpoint of Seattle we have been wanting to find.
  13. A lot more sitting by my open window appreciating how amazing the view is of Mt Si in all kinds of light and weather.

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