How We Celebrate 26

For many years now Vu has insisted in living under the delusion that he is not aging and continues to remain in his 20’s.  I of course inform him of this inaccuracy whenever it comes up.  However one day a year, on his birthday, I go along with his delusion as a birthday gift and allow him to be 25 for the day.  So this year as I was preparing for his birthday dinner, I found these little edible numbers and bought the 2 and 5 for his cupcakes.  Then the day before his birthday we were talking and he kept saying he was turning 26… and I was so sad that I had gotten his “age” wrong and gotten the wrong number, so I had to make a last minute stop on the way home to pick up the 6’s.  Then this morning I looked it up and all previous birthdays were 25, so apparently despite his resistance, he has finally aged just one year.  Apparently as you get older it can be so hard to remember what age you are even when it never changes… 😂 Vu is insisting that it was always 26… so sad that your memory goes with aging as well…

Our friend Carrie’s birthday is 4 days before Vu’s so we had them over for dinner to celebrate both of them not aging.  I have been dying to make these little flower cakes ever since I saw them, so they were perfect for Carrie’s cake.  Vu doesn’t really like cake very much, so I very rarely actually make it… which means I am not very good at it.  I overfilled the chocolate ones so they overflowed all over the pan and as a result lost their tops, and the vanilla ones weren’t as thin as they were supposed to be so I only got 2 layers instead of 4… 😬 haha, oh well, I will get it someday.  I think they still tasted good, and at least my frosting ability is improving.  I may have had to brush my teeth for 10 minutes after taste testing the pink frosting…

I was originally planning on throwing Vu a Star Wars party, but as it got closer I just was too tired and not feeling up to it, so I just did a little balloon birthday dinner instead.  I made the birthday banner (in illustrator of course) and hung it with some baker’s twine, then made a couple of balloon garlands, and tied some ribbon around the one on the table.  When I am planning these banners over the butler’s pantry I always seem to forget that I can’t open the cupboards while it is up… I used a bunch of different colored napkins and goblets to go along with the colorful balloons, and folded the little balloon name tags under the plate to make them look like they are floating.  Then I made some gift boxes using a new tool I got from Stampin Up, which was so nice, and then filled them with chocolates and wrapped them with washi tape.  They were supposed to look like gifts… but I think I missed the mark on that one.  Happy 26th Vu!

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