Back Together Again

In August Rachel and I celebrated our birthday.  She was still living with me at the time and so I made a dinner for both of us.  I wanted to do a special birthday dinner for her… and it just happened to also be for me too… one of the funny things about being a twin.  I didn’t plan any of the decor beforehand (very unusual for me), but the day before when I was buying the groceries I grabbed some flowers too and then just pulled everything together the day of.  I loved all of the coral florals and how everything came together.  I made chicken madeira and jacques pepin potates for dinner.  For the cake I made my favorite chocolate cake and buttercream frosting and just decorated it simply with some grasshopper and oreo cookies.  I did not think about how the crushed up cookies on top would work with candles…. and we may have blown the crumbs all over the table…. 🤷🏼‍♀️ It really is so great to have Rachel living back here again!

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