Spring Pastel Dinner Party

Almost 11 years ago when Rachel and I chose to move to the Seattle area, we chose it because we both love water: rain, lakes, rivers, streams, ocean, etc.  We moved in the beginning of August and just happened to time it so that we were here at the beginning of one of the longest dry spells Seattle had had in years.  I was dying waiting for my beloved rain to come.  But every single Seattle-ite I talked to thought I was crazy and told me that after one year I would be right there dreading the rain and loving that summer sun as much as they were.  But let me tell you.  They were wrong.  Every year I continued to love my Seattle rain.  However, this winter seems to be particularly overcast, and it seems to be that more than usual people are craving that spring sunshine.  While it has rained, it feels to me like it has been mostly just overcast without the rain.   I still love the rain, but I must admit that I have gotten just a little sick of the clouds, I mean if you are going to be overcast then you need to also be raining.  And now for the first time in 11 years I have actually found myself wishing, although it is still a very small wish, that we could have just a couple more sunny spring days.  Because in my opinion the only things that beats a sunny spring day is a sunny autumn day (in case you are wondering a sunny summer day is ranked way down the list…too much heat for me!).

So maybe that is why I loved hosting this spring dinner party so much.  Or it could be that mint and coral are 2 of my favorite colors and I love this whole color scheme so much.  Either way, this was a really fun one for me!  I made some spring floral menu’s and name cards and clipped them to the napkins with some mint springs.  Apparently mint is one of those herbs that wilt… so I won’t be doing that one again, but when planning it I thought it would be perfect with the mint color scheme and it smells amazing.  I cut some card stock and tissue paper circles to make the confetti and collected a bunch of my mint, coral and lavender cake stands and vases and filled the vases with matching tulips and roses and eucalyptus.   I had drinks and a cheese plate for an appetizer.  Some fruit cups in coordinating colors.  I made my friend Carrie’s strawberry avocado salad, then baked a Costco seasoned leg of lamb, these delicious potatoes, and some homemade buttery rolls.  I even made cake balls in matching colors too.  They don’t sell the mint or coral colors so to get the coral I mixed the pink and orange candy melts together until I got the color I wanted and for the mint I mixed the turquoise and green candy melts.  Happy Spring!  Also just to be clear, I am sure 2 weeks into summer I will be begging for an overcast day… I did intentionally choose to move here after all.  🙂

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