Cherry Blossoms and Tulips

Currently my favorite season is autumn, but the whole time I was growing up it was spring.  So it is still a close second.  (Sidenote:  Vu and I were recently discussing how apparently some people think it is weird to have a favorite season… but I don’t understand how someone can not have a favorite season…)  I love flowers and seeing all the leaves budding on the trees and bushes, and just the feeling of emerging from winter into new life that comes with spring.  On Monday my friend Maddison asked if I wanted to go with her to see the UW cherry blossoms and on Tuesday my friend Wendy asked if I wanted to go with them to see the tulips, and much like leaf peeping, I also love going to see flowers.  So of course yes!

Monday’s forecast was rain, so there were only a couple of hours in the morning that it was supposed to be sunny, so we went in the morning.  It worked out pretty well because it started to rain when we were walking back to the car.  It was good we went when we did because I think about half of the blossoms had already fallen off.  It was so quiet and peaceful and beautiful!  Tuesday however was sunny all day.  And since it is raining the rest of the week, everyone else decided to go as well.  There were a lot less tulips blooming than the last couple of years I have gone because of the longer, colder winter that we have had this year, but I think the mixed full blooms with the closed buds actually is really pretty too.  I probably wouldn’t feel that way if there was no blooms though, because I mean those fields of color!!!  🙂

Whenever I get antsy to go visit somewhere else, like when I see something beautiful someone else gets to enjoy, I remember that there are so many beautiful things here and I love living here so much!  And those coral tulips in the last picture… why do they not have fields of these?  I mean they are perfect! 🙂  Also my first blog post was actually when I went to the tulips with Rachel and I said that we were going to make it an annual tradition… and then she moved the next year. 😦  Can it be time for you to move back now Rachel?

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