Easter Dinner

This Easter Vu and I decided to read the scriptures about the last week of Christ’s life on the corresponding day of the week before Easter, starting on Palm Sunday.  I have been wanting to do this for a few years now, but never remembered until too late.  This was such a great way to celebrate and I am so glad we were able to remember to do it this year.  I think we will remember from now on.

We have invited Vu’s family over for dinner every year since we moved into this house, and I always enjoy cooking for Vu’s dad because he doesn’t get American food very often and he really appreciates it.  For the name cards, I designed them in Illustrator, then printed out just the names and imported just the bunny design into the Silhouette software and then lined them up and cut the bunnies with the Silhouette.  They were so cute!  This was my favorite meal so far.  I made crispy pork belly, thin sliced baked mini potatoes, feta brushetta (it calls for bacon, but Vu wanted bacon egg baskets for breakfast on Saturday and I never made it back to the store to get more, I also drizzled them with olive oil and balsamic vinegar), tomato cucumber avocado salad and deviled eggs.  Then for dessert I made Utah scones with honey butter, which I haven’t had since my dad made them for me when I was young, and I forgot how amazing they are!  Honey butter is so good!

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