General Conference Prints

General Conference weekends are some of my favorites of the year.  I love that I can pray for specific answers I need during the weeks preceding the conference, and that I can receive those answers through the inspired talks of our church leaders.  I love the feeling of peace that I have throughout the weekend.  I love trying to see if there is a specific theme that will emerge that I really need to hear.  I love how relaxing it is, staying home in my pajama’s or having brunch and watching it with friends.   And I love the time of year they are each held, spring and autumn, and the seasonal changes that I associate with conference.   I just love the feeling of these weekends that has become so special to me over the years.

This year I decided I wanted to make some pretty graphics of a few of my favorite quotes that I could post around my house or stick in my scriptures, so I could reread them again when I needed them throughout the next few months.  I thought I would share them too in case anyone else wanted to do the same.  🙂

Carol McConkie      L. Whitney Clayton      Linda Burton

Quentin L. Cook      Russel M. Nelson      Ulisses Soares

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