Succulents Printables

As it is maybe starting to think about turning into summer around here, I have been thinking about the June decorations and decided I wanted to make a couple printables to go along with them.  I loved the adorable mini succulents that I used a couple of years ago, but sadly they did not last very long.  Some day I will hopefully learn to keep my plants alive.  I am hoping that day is now, since I am going for round 2 of mini succulents.  But we will see how it goes.  Either way, at least the prints can’t die… The first one is just a vector conversion of one of the pictures I took of the last ones.  They were such cute little plants.  (Vu likes to call them my mini cacti because he thinks that’s what they are…but don’t cacti have to have the prickly stickers? I don’t know)  Maybe in June I will see how many white distressed wood pieces I can use at once 😬… I have made quite a few at this point! 😂

Succulent Graphic 1

Succulent Graphic 2

One thought on “Succulents Printables

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