Seattle Spring Has Been Killing It

If you follow anyone that lives in the Seattle area on social media then you are probably very aware of the fact that spring has been slow in coming.  But when it finally did come, let me tell you it has been worth the wait.  I don’t know if it is because we waited longer than usual, but I think it has just been so beautiful.  Between the white and pink blossoms and pale green leaf buds all over the trees, to the amazing lightning storms and rainbows, the flowers and leaves glowing in the sun or dripping with beads of rain, and the newly covered pale green trees mixed in with the dark green evergreens, it has all been amazing and I just can’t contain the love that I have for this beautiful place that I live!  It has reminded me why for so many years growing up spring was my favorite season.  And let’s take a moment for the wisteria.  It doesn’t get better than wisteria vines.  I mean come on.  Some day in my back yard, I will have a pergola covered, and I mean COVERED, with wisteria blossoms and good luck getting me to leave.  I will be soaking up every second they are in blossom.

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