Quick Utah Trip (in Feb…) for my Grandma’s Funeral

This past February my last surviving grandparent, my dad’s mom, died.   Her funeral was in Utah the weekend after she died and I was able to make a quick 3 day trip out for it.  My dad has 7 siblings and there are 45 grandchildren and all 8 siblings as well as 33 of the grandchildren were able to make it, plus a number of spouses and great grandchildren.  It was the most family members we have had together in a long time.  The 2 days before the funeral we all gathered together sharing stories about my grandma and my dad’s siblings about their childhood.  My dad grew up on a farm and was the oldest of the 5 boys (3rd out of the 8).  They have some really crazy stories and I don’t know how they all made it into adulthood with all their limbs.  I loved hearing the stories and recognizing the qualities that my grandma passed on to my dad and other family members.  A lot of the stories I have heard before, but there were some new ones that were fun.  I loved one about my dad when they were teenagers on the farm and he would say “Let’s think about this…” when they were doing their work trying to come up with the most efficient or best way to do it, and seeing how he hasn’t changed now and still loves to think through the best way for each situation.

The funeral was on a Monday, with the service in the morning followed by lunch at the church and then we drove down south to the cemetery where my grandpa is also buried.  That night my brother Andrew and cousin Eric, who are roommates in Salt Lake, used their smokers to make us all taco’s and then all of the cousins shared their own stories of growing up.  The next day my parents and little sister Chani met up with my old roommate Joella for lunch at Cafe Rio.   That afternoon Andrew took off work and drove me around  Salt Lake (Temple Square, The Beehive House, City Creek, The University of Utah where he went to school)  before taking me to the airport.  It was a great weekend, celebrating my grandma and the legacy she left behind in her children and grandchildren.

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