Gas Works Park & Fremont

Vu occasionally has to go to the Fremont office to work, which is right next to Gas Works park.  I have wanted to go to Gas Works since I moved here (thank you “10 Things I Hate About You”), but have never actually made it.  Vu knew this, so a couple of weeks ago he suggested that I go to work with him on a day he is in Fremont, so I could go to the park and then we could go out to dinner afterwards.  Yesterday was the day, and it was a perfect clear sunny day.  I spent the morning at the park, and really enjoyed it.  I really liked the park, the view of Seattle and Lake Union from the hill and there is just something so beautiful about the rusty old metal covered in ivy (you know how much I love metal…).  Those little white flowers were so pretty with all the views behind them, but watch your step…the geese have been there!  I went back to Vu’s office to have lunch with him, but he ended up having to work through lunch.  In the afternoon I walked to downtown Fremont, to the bridge with the troll and then along the waterfront and up across the bridge.  It was such a nice day that I ended up getting a pretty bad sunburn.  That great combination of fair skin and cloudy Seattle winters always gets me, and I forgot to bring sunscreen.  Such a rookie mistake, you would think I would remember after 11 years.  Also you can see the Lilac’s are still going strong!  When Vu was done working we had dinner at this little restaurant called  “Joule”, which was so good!  The rice cakes (they are these small flat almost dough or pasta like bites, not like the standard rice cakes) are amazing.  Now I need go to slather on another layer of Aloe Vera…

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