There’s No Place Like Home… For The Summer!

Last weekend we went straight from a super quick spring right into summer for the whole memorial weekend.  And then Tuesday resumed our regularly scheduled programming: rain.  Which I am actually really happy about.  I think I could be happy if the whole summer rotated between a few days of sun, with a few days of rain.  I know I’m the only one.  Or at least one of the few.  But I am happy to have summer inside.  I have my new succulents and succulent prints,  I made Vu take a walk with me through the greenbelt to gather some ferns or to “steal from nature” as he puts it, and I finally made a new pillowcase with the cutest little plant fabric.  So I am all set for summer inside!  Now if I could just get started on building my new patio with pergola I would be all ready for al fresco summer dinners… sadly that is not going to happen this year.   Fingers crossed for next year though.  Vu can only come up with so many excuses to delay it, right?

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