Pie Bridal Shower

Pie Bridal Shower (1)

So far 2016 has been the year of showers: bridal, baby and spring!  🙂

This past weekend my friend Carrie and I helped with a shower for our friend Jen.  Jen’s friend Trish was in charge, but she was sadly not able to make it to the shower from New York due to school conflicts, so she did what she could from afar, and we all collaborated on ideas together through text and a shared Pinterest board.  I love Pinterest!  Jen’s main wedding color is Kelly green, so we started with that and then added some touches of pink because we thought they were really pretty together.  Jen does not love pink… so we tried to keep it minimal… 🙂

Also Jen’s wedding theme is sort of outdoorsy-farmy-backyard picnic so we tried to stay close to that.  I made a quilt-like board for the mantle by cutting 2 inch squares of paper and taping them to a piece of square bead board that I had.

Pie Bridal Shower (2)

And since every backyard/outdoor reception has strung lights we had to have some hanging over the living room.  Since we had the shower in the evening, these were really pretty as it got darker.  I still haven’t taken them down…

Pie Bridal Shower (3)

Carrie made a couple of really delicious appetizer’s to snack on while we waited for everyone to arrive and while they worked on their “He said…she said…” quizzes about Jen and her fiancé.

Pie Bridal Shower (4)Pie Bridal Shower (5)

We had a little set of pink and green small items from Bath and Body Works for the winner.

Pie Bridal Shower (12)

Trish’s biggest idea she wanted to do was have Jen teach everyone how to make her favorite pie.  Jen loves pie and every year on her birthday she has a big pie party.  Which was why we had a pie theme.  Trish had some cute recipe cards made up to match the invitations for everyone, and then I made some green and pink aprons for everyone as favors… and yes I realize this might make me seem crazy… but I thought they turned out so cute!  So after we finished the yummy appetizers Jen taught us how to make her pie!

Pie Bridal Shower (13)Pie Bridal Shower (11) Pie Bridal Shower (14) Pie Bridal Shower (15)Pie Bridal Shower (7)Pie Bridal Shower (8)

Once the pie was in the oven we had dinner.  We had pink lemonade to drink and I found some pink and green washi tape to wrap around the mason jar cups.  And limes because they are green.

Pie Bridal Shower (9)Pie Bridal Shower (10)Pie Bridal Shower (6)

And of course pie pans for plates for a pie themed shower.  And Kelly green bandana napkins.  I wasn’t going to use the wooden silverware again, since I used it for the last 2 showers, but then I found out that Jen is using them for her reception so I had to!

Pie Bridal Shower (16)

Trish’s vision was to have fried chicken with the pie, I think because it goes along with Jen’s whole theme.  Carrie and I had our husband’s pick up the fried chicken and jojo’s while we were making the pie so they would be nice and hot and fresh (thanks guys).  We let them have some too.  🙂  Vu was complaining that he wasn’t going to be here for it since it was during the Priesthood session of LDS General Conference and said this was his favorite party food I have had at a party yet and he didn’t want to miss it.  So this worked out well so they could have some before going to watch the session.  And made it easier for us at the same time.  Carrie made a strawberry salad (also “pink” and green) and I made some biscuits that were not my favorite… needs some more work on that one.

Pie Bridal Shower (17)

We ate and opened presents while the pie was baking, and then ate it for dessert once it was done.

Pie Bridal Shower (18)

Also because everything is better in mini, we had mini pies for everyone to take home as well.  And I mean seriously, how cute are they?  I can’t get over it.  Of course I am obsessed with all things mini so…

Pie Bridal Shower (19)Pie Bridal Shower (20)Pie Bridal Shower (21)

Most of the guests with our aprons and mini pies!  Congrats Jen!  We are all very happy for you!

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