Storybook Baby Shower

Storybook Baby Shower (5)

This past weekend I threw another shower, this time a baby shower, with Jeanette (again 🙂 ) and our friend Wendy.  It was for our friend Megan, who Jeanette and I knew from our days in the singles ward, and she and her husband just moved into our ward a few months ago.  Jeanette, Wendy and I decided to do a children’s book theme because we all love books.  We wanted lots and lots of books to use to decorate with… but I have very few children’s books… it was a good thing Jeanette and Wendy had so many! 🙂   Megan’s nursery colors are blue, green and yellow, so we used those colors where possible, but it was all pretty colorful with the different books.  I loved all of the different colors with the white.  We threw in a bunch of toys and sort of book themed items in with the books, along with some colorful flowers.

Storybook Baby Shower (7)

Wendy made these adorable story book themed painted onesies.  I was amazed how detailed they were.  I especially loved the cow jumping over the moon.  And the apple with the worm.  And the Once Upon a Time.  Ok they were all really cute.

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We saw the paper book garland on Pinterest and I had a fairy tale book with nice colorful pictures that I used to make the pages, they were perfect for the theme.

Storybook Baby Shower (6)

I made some old school style library due date cards for advice cards for Megan.

Storybook Baby Shower (18) Storybook Baby Shower (17) Storybook Baby Shower (10) Storybook Baby Shower (23)

We saw lots of book themed foods on Pinterest and went with a brunch theme since the shower was at 10:30.  I made some blueberry muffins for “If You Give A Moose a Muffin”, and these breakfast potatoes that we put in a toy truck to go with “Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site.”  For “Green Eggs and Ham” Jeanette came up with 4 or 5 different options and my favorite one was Eggs Benedict, which was pretty ambitious of us to do…  I made the eggs, and it was my first time ever making poached eggs.  Jeanette found a couple of very helpful recipes and videos which worked very well. They turned out very beautifully I thought.  I was really proud of how they looked… however over half of them were a little to hard for poached eggs (which actually turned out well because a few people said they preferred them that way)… and we used the method of making them the night before and then storing them in the fridge in ice water and I didn’t quite get them warmed up as much as they should have been…   They would have been perfect if Jeanette had been in charge of them.  But hey they looked beautiful.  Especially the ones on the plate on the right.  The green part of it was some guacamole hollandaise and some avocado.  Jeanette did the hollandaise and she did a great job with that.

Storybook Baby Shower (24) Storybook Baby Shower (14) Storybook Baby Shower (27)

Wendy made some strawberry and banana skewers for “The Cat in the Hat” and cookies and milk for “If You Give A Mouse a Cookie.”

Storybook Baby Shower (22)

And Jeanette made some delicious strawberry cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting and word candy melt toppers.  She also recently acquired this cute cake stand that is very Dr. Suessy so fit perfectly with our theme.  Although you can’t really see that part of it very well in this picture…

Storybook Baby Shower (25)

Wendy also made blueberry lemonade for “Blueberries for Sal.”


We had a couple of book themed guessing games.  My friend Joella who is a children’s librarian helped me come up with a few challenging ones.  I don’t think I could even have gotten half of them though.

Storybook Baby Shower (19)

And this was a fun one Wendy did with the different names for the book titles.

Storybook Baby Shower (2)

And of course book worms for favors.  We all had a great time and are excited for Megan and her baby!

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