Witches Girls Night Party

I have been wanting to host a girls night witch party for years, and I finally got around to doing it last Saturday. In my opinion it was the perfect day for it, super rainy and windy and stormy all day! I loved it! I had a lot of plans that I didn’t get around to because for some reason after I got back from Hawaii and finished all the Halloween decorations, I just didn’t feel like doing any party prep. Fortunately though, I was planning on keeping up the Halloween decorations for the party, so there were a lot less party decorations I had planned. It was a really fun night!

Witch Girls Night (6)
Witch Girls Night (5)

I found these tiny felt witch hats at Hobby Lobby and placed them around the house.

Witch Girls Night (8)

And I got some orange and black balloons as well.

Witch Girls Night (15)

The table was what I worked on the most, and I was really happy with the results. I pulled out the white branches and put them in a vase with some mini pumpkins and then had a couple crows and an owl perched in the branches.  Then I added some pumpkins, some black netting, a black lantern and the candelabra and table runner from the October décor.

Witch Girls Night (2)I looked everywhere for some little broomsticks to go with the silverware, but I couldn’t find any anywhere.  So I made some using a dowel and some raffia.  I cut sections of raffia and hot glued them to the end of the dowels and then tied a thin string around them.  I love them!

Witch Girls Night (12)

I did something similar to some skewers to make “Broomstick Sandwiches”.

Witch Girls Night (13) Witch Girls Night (14)

The rest of the food I saw on Pinterest, I made some pumpkins with small oranges and celery, and some “pumpkin” deviled eggs.

Witch Girls Night (3) Witch Girls Night (10)

Then I made a couple of chocolate witch hats.  I filled the ice cream cones with melted chocolate and toffee… it was  a lot of chocolate.  Not for everyone, just for the real chocolate lovers out there… like me! I used some orange rock candy for the buckles for both hats.

Witch Girls Night (11)

I used this recipe to make some caldron’s out of puff pastry and pudding.  Except that my grocery store didn’t have the cups, so I used whole sheets and cut them with cookie cutters.  They were so good.  I made Vu try a bite before hand and he had a really skeptical look on his face when he saw it, but then wasn’t happy with just one bite and wanted the rest of it too.  They are black from a black food coloring spray, they are not burned.  I made the witch food tags in Illustrator.

Witch Girls Night (9)

The drink glasses were my second favorite.  I used the mason jars again, and cut out some different witch images on black paper and circles on orange paper and then glued them onto the jars.  I love the witch flying on the broom.

Witch Girls Night (1)

Witch costumes were encouraged, but not required and I was so happy that so many ladies decided to dress up!  They all looked great!

Witch Girls Night (7)

I made a little “Which Witch is Witch” Trivia game, and it was definitely too hard… so lesson learned.  But it was still fun.  Next time, all multiple choice!  I also created a “Witch” song playlist that was playing on the Sonos through the whole house all night.  It was such a great night!

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