Christmas Celebrations

This year I struggled a bit really getting into all of the advent activities and things that I normally love doing so we skipped a lot of them.  Vu and I did a few things together, but we mostly waited until my family got here.

LDS Church Bellevue Festival of the Nativities – This is always a favorite Christmas activity, since it combines 2 of my favorite things: Christmas and traveling. I love seeing all the different nativities from all around the world. The Christ room that depicts the life of Christ is also very good too! I am really glad we went since they are now going to take a break for the next few years.

Ward Christmas Party – we have a few families in our ward from Mexico and they were in charge of the party this year so they had a Posada which was so much fun!  I love seeing all the different ways people celebrate Christmas around the world.  They decorated with bright colored flag banners and served homemade tamales and Pasole soup to eat and then sang the traditional song plus some others that were sung in Spanish. It was so fun!

Ensign Choir Concert – I went to the concert with my friend Maddison and it was fun to have a girls night.  I even made it through driving into and parking in Seattle…

Sheraton Gingerbread Houses – I always love the detail that goes into these gingerbread houses. We went in the afternoon after picking Rachel up from the airport on the 18th and we got some lunch at the Tap House before going over, since it is right across the street.  The lines for the gingerbread houses are always so much better earlier in the day. When I think about watching the Grinch from growing up, the scene that always come to mind is the one of the Grinch going through the fridge so I loved that they included that.  I loved the way they did the marbled glass windows next to this scene.

Point Defiance Zoo Lights – On the 20th we went to see the lights, and it poured while we driving there, so I was a bit worried about it, but it cleared off once we got there.  Perfect timing!   I loved the little Tacoma narrows bridge with the lights for the traffic.

Games and cookies – My family came over on the 21st and we hung out and played games and made cookies and watched “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”.  My parents bought a Harry Potter clue, and that was a fun spin on a family favorite, and it never feels like Christmas to me until we have the pineapple filled cookies.  Also that movie was so funny!

Gingerbread Houses building – On the 23rd we went down to my parents house and had Navajo taco’s for dinner, and then made graham cracker gingerbread houses.  We tried out using a hot glue gun to hold the houses together which worked out so well, my house was so sturdy.  My favorite aspect of my little house was the greenery/vine climbing up the side of the wall.

Christmas Day – Vu and I did stockings together after a slow morning, then my family came over in the afternoon and we opened presents and then had dinner with both of our families.

Victor Falls – On the 26th we went to my parents to hang out.  We visited the nearby Victor falls, then hung out and played some more games and stuff and had some Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner.

In between Christmas and New Years we did a few things in Seattle, then on New Years Eve my family that was still in town came over to my house and we made shiskabobs for dinner and played some more games and watched “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” before watching the end of the countdown in New York and having some sparkling cider.

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