2018 Bullet Journal

In the beginning of last year I started practicing my watercolor painting a lot more, and as I watched YouTube video’s to help, I started seeing a lot of hand lettering and bullet journaling as well.  It seems the 3 go together pretty often.  So in March I decided to start bullet journaling and I have loved it so much.  I have always been a big journaler, but the last few years I have struggled a bit being motivated to do it, and this has helped so much.  I know most people use the bullet journal as more of a planner, but I use it just as a journal.  I have loved having something every week to draw, it has helped me get back into that as well, and it is so fun.  I love thinking up new themes or new ideas for the weekly spreads, but I definitely have my favorites.  November and May are my most favorite, probably because I love floral’s so much, but I love aspects of all of them.  And now I have such a pretty journal for the whole year.  And having a pretty journal spread really helped keep me motivated to write every day.

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