Pioneer Square + Underground Tour

After going to Pike’s Place Market on Thursday with my family, we went to Pioneer Square on Saturday, December 29th and did the underground tour.  It is one of those things, kind of like the gum wall, that is a bit odd and gross, but totally Seattle.  It is pretty funny though.  And it is so interesting to learn about the history of the how the city got built, I love that kind of stuff.  I love all of the architecture around Pioneer Square and they are around thanks to the tour.  In the 60’s they were starting to tear down the beautiful Victorian buildings they considered at the time to be “eye-sores” and so a native Seattlite started the tour and after his tour, he locked his visitors in until they signed a petition to keep the buildings around.  After the tour we grabbed some lunch at Tat’s Deli then wandered around the international district.

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