House Building GIF

We bought our house in the beginning of April of 2013, but then had to wait for them to build it.  Those 9 months seemed to last forever.  They started construction at the end of July and I would go up after work as often as possible to watch the progress.  We were very anxious for it to be finished and I was excited to watch it go up.  It was a very happy day in the middle of December when it was finally finished and we were able to move in.  We have loved living here so much, we feel so blessed to call it our home.  We have also really enjoyed furnishing and decorating and getting settled in.  Vu in particular LOVES his “man cave” and it did turn out pretty awesome, even if he has to put his work office in the closet.  We have also learned a lot about being home owners, this being our first time.  There are a lot of things that we had never thought about before.  In case any one is wondering you have to connect the water line before you can run the dishwasher.  It works much better that way.


I put together a GIF with the pictures I took as they build it.  I love seeing the changes in the seasons and especially the tree out front as the leaves change color and fall.  For some reason the quality of the pictures decreased in the GIF but I had a really hard time getting it to save at all, so you know.  I am still very new at Photoshop so I was happy that it actually works, seeing as I am so great with technology… But I am learning.


It snowed the week we moved in, I love seeing everything blanketed in white.


2 thoughts on “House Building GIF

  1. Okay, love this! Bummer about the dishwasher though. I love the pictures, you should mention what you did to make them look so nice!

    • Thank you! I actually didn’t really do anything to the pictures. The first and third ones are from Instagram, that’s the only editing I did.

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