Why Fall is my Favorite Season

Fall 1 PS

I go through phases.  Sometimes I call it Fall.  And other times Autumn.  I really love the word Autumn, but Fall comes so much more easily.  Autumn is one of those words to me.  When I say it, it feels a bit presumptuous, like when someone is trying to seem smarter than they really are.  I find that I am not brave enough to use it all of the time, even though I love it so much.  And then I think how weird it is that I think you have be brave to use a word.  Or that I love a word. But there it is.  And whether I call it Fall or Autumn, I love this season so much.

Fall (11) PSFall (17) PS

I love the changing colors of the leaves, the gradual merging of green to yellow to orange to red.  How the colors make the trees glow in the sun.  The leaves laying on piles at the base of the trees, occasionally floating up and around you in a small wind or with the passing of a car.  Or as we discovered last year, being fiercely swept away by the howling Snoqualmie gusts, nothing small about it.  Vu recently discovered that my type of person has a name.  Leaf Peeper.  And the lucky souls that have fulfilled their own life long ambition of enjoying New England in the fall contribute to 3 billion dollars in tourist revenue annually.   Hopefully soon I will be among the contributor’s.  It’s on the bucket list.  The list that only seems to grown, and never diminish, despite the items that get check marked.

Fall (12) PS

I love sitting on the couch with a book and a blanket, listening to the sound of the rain falling.  And now enjoying the fireplace as well.

I love hearing the crunching of leaves under my feet.  Although I don’t get that much anymore, thanks to my beautiful rain.  I was able to enjoy it this Fall though, and for 3 days I was happy that it wasn’t raining.

Fall (9) PS

I love warm soups on cold, dark nights.

I love stopping by Starbucks with Vu, being warmed by a salted caramel hot chocolate or spiced apple cider (or a steamed eggnog in December).  Or being surprised by Vu bringing me one on his way home.

11-17 PS

I love Conference weekend.  Sleeping until just a few minutes before it starts, then listening to the words of the prophet and apostles.  Waiting to hear the answers I have been praying for.  Listening for the theme’s that will emerge through the whole weekend.  Making a big homemade breakfast in between the morning and afternoon sessions, and then enjoying it with friends and family.

I love pulling out the Halloween decorations, knowing that Thanksgiving and Christmas will soon follow.

Fall mantle PSFall (6)

I love scarves and coats and that it is finally not hot outside, that I can wear them once again.

I love pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting.  It doesn’t feel like Autumn until I have made some.  And then eaten them for breakfast…

Fall (3)

I love the beginning of the anticipation of the next 3 month’s.  The traditions, old, new and combined.  Oh I love the traditions.  The food, the activities, the gatherings with friends, family and church.

I love the way the light slants in the late morning and early evening.  If Fall had a feeling, slanting light would be it.  Those fleeting moments I just want to hold onto forever.  A feeling that manages to wrap up everything I love about the season into one moment.  That speaks of nostalgia and love and hope, of past, present and future.  That holds within it happiness and sadness, of unlimited potential and disappointed dreams.  A feeling I can never manage to hold onto for more than a few seconds, but whose memory stays with me.

Fall (14) PS

Oh Autumn-Fall, I wish you could stay forever.  But then if you did I probably wouldn’t love you quite so much.

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