Christmas Advent Video

Christmas is my favorite time of year and I love all of the different advent activities to do to make the whole month of December feel festive.  For some reason Advent seems to be one of those things that most people just do with kids, but I love finding ways to celebrate my favorite holiday.  🙂  I designed some advent magnets for my scrabble quote board that I love and it was a very meaningful Christmas this year as we tried to find ways to serve to “Light the World.”  I have found that it can be a little difficult to find advent activities for every day that are for adults so if you are like me and looking for inspiration here is a list of the activities we did this year.

Dec 1 – Ward Relief Society Christmas Dinner, the perfect start to the month, hearing about how to make Christ the center of Christmas and “Let Him In”

Dec 2 – Bellevue Festival of the Nativities, this is one of my favorites every year, since I collect nativities from around the world I love seeing hundreds from all over as well as the Christ room beautifully depicting the life of Christ


Dec 3 – Girls Christmas Craft Night

Dec 4 – Hang ornaments on the tree and watch the 1st Presidency Christmas Devotional


Dec 5 – Build Christmas Lego’s, it also snowed all this week which was so beautiful, I have really missed the Utah snow


Dec 6 – Seattle Sheraton Gingerbread Houses, which was Harry Potter this year and was amazing

Dec 7 – Make Ornaments, I tried out salt dough this year

Dec 8 – Visiting Teaching Christmas Dinner


Dec 9 – Mail out Christmas Cards, I prepped them all but ended up sending them out in bunches as I got addresses and I still have a few left to send…

Dec 10 – Shopping at Wight’s for Christmas Tree Decor, and enjoying their live Victorian carolers


Dec 11 – Finish building the rest of the Christmas Lego’s and building Gingerbread (graham cracker) houses, I loved Vu’s version of our house

Dec 12 – Get Hot Chocolate at Starbucks

Dec 13 – Christmas Book Club, read “A Christmas Carol” and “The Life of Our Lord” by Charles Dickens and a book and cookie exchange

Dec 14 – Make Pineapple Filled Cookies, my favorite

Dec 15 – Attend a Friends Favorite’s Party


Dec 16 – Star Wars snacks with friends before going to see Rouge 1, this isn’t exactly a Christmas activity, but my family frequently goes to see a new movie together over Christmas break, and being married to Vu we have to go see any new Star Wars movie when it comes out

Dec 17 – Ward Christmas Party

Dec 18 – Open Christmas Pajama’s and watch “The Nativity”, I have always enjoyed seeing other people’s pajama tradition, but it wasn’t something I grew up doing, and this was our first year doing it and I want to keep it up

Dec 19 – Ensign Choir Concert at Benaroya Hall in Seattle, I always try and find a live Christmas concert and I love this one


Dec 20 – Bellevue Botanical Garden Lights

Dec 21 – Read part of “A Christmas Carol”, I read it for the first time in December 2012 and loved it and decided I wanted to read it every Christmas… however this if the first time I have actually remembered to do it

Dec 22 – Make Hot Chocolate

Dec 23 – Read more of “A Christmas Carol”


Dec 24 – Dinner with Vu’s family and open a few presents

It was a good year and both Vu and I are very excited to go to Atlanta for the first week of January to celebrate New Year’s with my family.

Also, if you observed it, yes Vu does wear at least one Star Wars clothing item almost every day. 🙂

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