Bite of Seattle

Last weekend Vu and I went to the Bite of Seattle with some of our friends.   The Bite of Seattle happens every year and for one weekend tons of Seattle food trucks and restaurants set up along the walkways all over the Seattle center and offer 3 or 4 items off their menu.  I love all the variety of food’s Seattle has to offer, and so this makes it so nice to be able to go and try a bunch at once.  It has been a few years since we have gone, so it was really fun to go again.  When we have gone in the past I remembered the lines being so long that we would split up and have everyone wait in a different line, but I don’t know if I remembered in incorrectly or if they have just gotten faster because the only line that was longer than 5 minutes was the “Puffle Up” line (which was close to half an hour I think), but we waited in it anyway because they are so good!  Vu loved the spicy pork tacos from Chopstix so much that he went back and got another one at the end.  Lately I have been feeling really jealous of Rachel living in Boston and wishing I could live there too, so it is really nice to have experiences that remind me how much I love Seattle too!  (Also I was having a really bad day camera wise so….. all of the pictures are a little bit blurry…. I hate that!)

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