Another Great Seattle Spring

I have mentioned it a couple of times already, but this spring was such a good one!  It felt like there were way more cherry blossoms everywhere, but maybe it was just because I was looking for them.  It was so nice going from sunny to rainy and even a couple times of late snow that I still loved.  Last autumn we had an early snow storm with the colorful leaves still on the tree, this year a late storm came when the cherry blossoms had already begun blooming.  I loved them both.  I did however miss my favorite Wisteria blooming by the Issaquah library while I was gone in Utah in May.  That was pretty sad.  But a couple of my friends very kindly gave me some of their lilac cuttings multiple times so that I went for about week and a half with a constant supply.  I carried the vase of them around with me everywhere that I went around the house so I could always be smelling them.  So that made up for it.

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