4th of July Fireworks at Gas Works Park

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays.  I LOVE fireworks! I moved to Seattle 12 years ago and ever since then I have wanted to go see the fireworks show on Lake Union at Gas Works Park, but I never was able to make it.  Then when Vu and I got married 6 years ago I asked him if we could go and he told me that he would only go with me once ever.  So I had to pick the right year to do it.  Well Vu has an office in Fremont right next to the park and they have a 4th floor terrace that overlooks the lake and city and my parents just moved here 2 weeks ago (yay!!!! 🎉) so I figured this was a good year for it.  They only let a certain number of people on the terrace, so he had to put his name in for a lottery to win tickets, and he did.

In the morning we made some blueberry pancakes for breakfast, then his parents came over and we had a barbecue for a late lunch before heading out to Vu’s work building.  We set up our spot on the terrace and then hung out for the next 5 hours…. before the fireworks show began.  It was awesome!  I knew it was good, but I had no idea how good.  They were the biggest fireworks I have ever seen, I couldn’t believe how high they got.  I loved it.  And then it took us 2 hours to get home… which is the exact reason Vu was only willing to do this once.

It was such a great set up though, because on the terrace we had plenty of space, access to bathrooms, and lots of snacks and drinks from the kitchen’s in his office and I saw pictures of the people at the park and they were squished in tight together.  I couldn’t believe the number of people walking out afterwards, I didn’t think the park was big enough to hold that many people.  So I have to say a big thank you to Vu for being willing to do this with me and for working somewhere that made it so nice!

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